Saturday Skills and Drills with Stanley!!

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The Stork

Hello all you wonderful Tractor parts… hope the day finds you well. This Saturday (June 9th) I will be hosting our 1st “Saturday Skills and Drills with Stanley” … it will be a chance to get out and get some extra throwing in with friends. Don’t feel obligated to show up by any means. If you have plans to go camping, hiking, or simply to enjoy a Saturday away from frisbee and Stanley… no worries… enjoy! However, if you are looking to get some extra throwing in, want to do some running around or just don’t have much else going on you are encouraged to come on out and have some Frisbee fun with friends. The focus of these Saturday sessions will be lots of touches with the disc, lots of drills, throwing etc. We won’t be playing any 7v7 ultimate but might play some 3v3 or box if people want to do that.
So the details: This Saturday at Valmont park… warm up starting at 10am… we will be done by noon! Bring cleats, water, a FRISBEE and a smile…. Hope to see as many of you as possible! Hugs, stanley