Follow Love Tractor to Texas!

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This weekend, Love Tractor is headed to Manor, Texas (just outside of Austin) to compete in the USA Ultimate South Central Mixed Regionals. We secured our bid two weeks ago by winning the Rocky Mountain Sectionals tournament - going 5-0! (see the final results)

We're coming in seeded #2 followed closely by our Colorado friends: Mesteno, Killjoy, and Swingline. The #1 seed is Cosa Nostra from Texas, who swept their sectionals. The competition at Regionals will be fierce, but Love Tractor is fueled up, ready to make an impact!

Our first game is against Grass Fight, a team from Dallas, TX. While seeded third in our pool, their only loss at sectionals was against Cosa Nostra. We'll move on to playing The Strangers from Golden, CO - not really strangers to us. We'll then play Killjoy, from Fort Collins. While we did beat them in the finals of sectionals, they beat us earlier in the season at Colorado Cup - it's sure to be a fight! Our final game of the day will be against the Beta Iota Delta from Austin, who placed third at the Texas Sectionals. Sunday morning, we'll wake up early to play Tlacuache, the 6th Seed in our pool before entering in to bracket play. Sunday bracket play is single elimination.

The South Central Region is only sending 1 team to Nationals in Florida this year, so every game matters! You can follow the action using USAUltimate Score Reporter or for more detailed and instant updates, follow us on twitter: @love_tractor!