2012 Open Pickup and Tryouts

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The Stork

Frisbee Friends,

Hi, hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful Spring! Love Tractor will be hosting open pick up for anyone curious about the Tractor, interested in tryouts or just looking for some fun competitive pick up to play. This season to keep tryout numbers proportional to roster size we will be having tryouts by invitation.

So if you want to tryout, show up to pick up and SIGN UP on the "Prospective Tryout List" that will be on the sideline. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me or talk with myself or the other captains at pick-up. (Dave Kamin, Mike Whitaker, Betsy Andrews and Stanley Strunk are the LT captains this season).

Coming off a Fright Flight Championship to close out last year, Love Tractor is excited to be heading into our 5th season continuing on our path toward a more competitive team. The LT will continue to, "Be a TEAM, play hard and have FUN!" Yet, with a strong core to build from we hope to add some new faces into the mix and crank up the intensity on the practice field striving with effort and sacrifice to fulfill the team's potential. Still our primary focus will be playing good fun team ultimate!!

Pickup will be held Tuesday evenings April 17 - May 1st starting at 6:30 at Valmont City Park in Boulder
(Southwest corner of Valmont Rd and Airport Rd)

Soccer kids have the field until 6:30, but normally are winding down by 6 so come on out early to get warmed up so we can get pick up started right at 6:30 as we will be chasing daylight! If we have enough numbers we can get 2 fields going to maximize play time :)

So come on out and help get the Love Tractor tuned up and running strong into another fun filled frisbee season :)