About Love Tractor

This is not the greatest story ever told, it’s a tribute…

In the summer of 2008, a group of like minded individuals gathered on the field for the first time. Ambitions aside, these men and women gathered with a singular collective goal: Be a team, play hard and have FUN! This is the goal of every Love Tractor.

Our name, derived from a Widespread Panic song, conveys the two most important aspects of the team; Love - for the game, our teammates, and the opportunity to play fun solid team ultimate. And Tractor - a nod to our grit, hard work and blue collar approach we bring to the game. Love Tractor prides itself on playing solid ultimate, competing hard against any 7 while maintaining a fun and light disposition. Love and respect for our teammates and the game is our foundation.

This foundation in large part was laid down by the late Steve Vihel, who the world recently lost. A former team captain/coach he was a gentle warrior who taught us all how to play hard and compete, yet smile, have fun, share a good laugh and respect our teammates and opponents. He will be missed. His message will always be remembered and embraced in Love Tractor Ultimate.

Off the field, Love Tractor equally promotes long-lasting friendships and shared experiences. From game nights to Disney sing-a-longs, bowling to happy-hour drinks, this team is never far apart. Spend a little time plowing the fields with the Tractor and you are bound to find your long lost spirit animal. Yep from The Gerbil to Mufassa to Frozen Fish Sticks, we are a regular menagerie of nonsense.

Entering our 5th season, Love Tractor will continue to build upon a balanced foundation of returning, veterans along with some new additions to the team. We eagerly await the 2012 season to carry on the spirit of work and play, coming together for a common goal of smiles and scores. So go ahead, pull up those pinks shorts, grab a pitchfork and plow the field with Love Tractor 2012.